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HR Administrative Processes

Managing a company’s core operations can be a difficult job! At Spectech Talent Solutions we provide a broad HR administrative services that deal with sensitive employee questions and issues, ensuring that all demands are met on time and above with discretion and confidentiality.

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Work Permit Services

Let us help you to take your employee training and development to the next level!

1)  Certificates of Registration for EU Citizens and their Dependents

2)  Permanent Residence Permits to Third-Country Nationals and their Dependents

3)  Temporary Residence and Work Permits for Third-Country Nationals and their Dependents

4)  Long-Term Residence Permits for Third-Country Nationals

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Employee Manuals

Your company’s employee manual is an essential element, providing value to both the employer and the employee.

Whether you want a custom employee handbook or a handbook review or update, we make sure that the content is always up to date with all the regulatory standards and business processes and being compliant with labour laws.

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HR Policies and Procedures

Spectech Talent Team is always by your side to provide you with all the relevant HR support and best practices in regards to your company's needs in order to grow.

These include but not limited to:​

Leave policies

Employee accommodations

Employee Classifications

Overtime Pay Calculations

Other pay regulations

Hiring and separation processes

SC-1782 Employee Relations Advice Icon.png

Employee Relations Advice

Spectech professional team is equipped with all the knowledge and experience needed to provide assistance when an employee problem, behavioral or performance issue arises.

Such issues often expose gaps within a company as far as practices, procedures and training is concerned.

Whether you are trying to minimize or avoid risk, deal with an employee problem, performance issue or settle an exposed employee relations issue, our team can help you at any point throughout the employee lifecycle.

This should work towards an increased employee engagement, and reduce employer risk and liability.

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